Application form

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Add any other scanned certificates you might have (as PDF or JPG).
All information is treated confidentially. 
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facebook or other social media  (if you have) :

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Schooling and vocational background:

Job experience:

Travel and or volunteering experience (no babysitting please):

Please explain, why you want to volunteer with us? What qualifications do you have, that could be helpful for our project? What are you looking for? Convince us!  (Please honest, short and on the point)

How long do you want to stay? Please give us arrival and departure dates. 
We prefer people, who want to stay 2-6 months, but will sometimes take people for shorter periods. 

Compulsory Vaccinations:
Hepatitis A and Measles (usually part of the normal child hood vaccines). Please make sure you speak with your doctor and fresh up, if necessary. Please add a scanned proof with your Volunteer Contract. 

You don't need any Malaria prophylaxis or Japanese Encephalitis vaccination for your stay in the town of Mae Sot. 

Any health problems you have? Diets you need? Please let us know in advance.
We cook Gluten-free food for one of our children! 

We can't take people who have contagious diseases incl. Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, HIV or any other. You can't suffer from any severe mental disorder like major depression, bipolar disorder, and paranoid disorders or an addiction to drugs or alcohol and can't have a criminal record. 
Make sure to read the Volunteer Code of Conduct (see page on this blog). 

Did you read the volunteer page with the fees, how and when to pay etc?