Code of Conduct

This is a general code of conduct plus a child protection policy used by all projects in our town. Thailand has a kind of strange reputation in some circles and projects with children attract all kind of people and we want to make sure none of the children we work with gets harmed. When you apply for volunteering, you need to fill this out and sign it and send it back to us. It is just common sense and not meant to suspect you. It is a safety precaution. So far we only had to terminate once a volunteering. We never had to involve authorities. 

Volunteer Code of Conduct
The volunteer must sign this code of conduct, scan it and send it back with his application. Please add a police background check, if possible. We understand, that this might not be possible, if you are traveling. During your volunteering follow this code at all times. severe breaches of the Volunteer Code of Conduct will result on termination of the volunteering and if the breach is a criminal offense it will be reported to the authorities.

At all times volunteers must:
follow the general principle of respect
act in the best interest of the child at all times
have good intentions, interest, kindness and patient towards children
empower children
listen and value the views of children
speak to children in a language they easily understand
Be mindful of the potential impact to children being displayed on the internet, on facebook or other social media
not publish photographs or videos of children on-line where the child can be identified and their location known without the consent of the guardian plus the child
not be alone with a child in an isolated area or in a room with a door closed
make commitments and promises to children that can't be kept
• be intoxicated by alcohol or drugs
must not (classified as major breach):
act in ways that are abusive or may place a child at risk of abuse
be sexually provocative or develop a sexual relationship with a child
support, encourage or participate in behavior of children which is illegal, unsafe, abusive
or harmful
assist children to do tasks of a personal nature ie. Bathing, dressing
expose children to violent or sexually explicit material (photo, video etc)
sleep in the same bed (mat, mosquito net) as a child
Share confidential material about children without necessity and consent
publish or share information about the children or organisation without permission
be involved in significant bribery, corruption, or theft incl. Embezzlement of funds,

donations, falsifying accounts or financial documents