Sorry, but we can't take any volunteers for at least 3 months. 

We are moving and need to settle in at the new location. 
It won't be possible anymore to volunteer with our children. After doing it for about 3 years, we observe unwanted behavior, it is really difficult for us to enforce boundaries, because volunteers do not stay long enough to adjust to the culture and to be able to work with us in a team. The children have complex behavior issues and it is not beneficial for them, if guests change too often. 
We are looking for a cooperation with other projects in town which are in need of volunteers. It has taken us years, that this blog shows up in Internet searches and we will make it available to others. We know that people are looking for affordable volunteering and on the other side projects are looking for volunteers. 

What do you need to be a volunteer: We are looking for committed persons. We like a qualification, but that is not all. You can be a student or just finished school and be right. Convince us! Everybody has a chance, if we think he or she fits. We had very good experiences in the past with "unqualified" volunteers. You need to be uncomplicated and open for new experiences. Some project might need teaching qualifications or experience. Have a look at application. 

Why We Require Fees for Volunteers 

We have always been an independent organization with no connection to (or support from) any government or religious organization. As such, we require a project fee from our volunteers to help cover the costs involved with and arranging international volunteering. We work hard to keep our fees as low as possible and have some of the lowest volunteer project fees offered. Do your research and compare! Google "costs volunteer Thailand fees" and you will see projects that charge at least 1000 $ per month, quite a number, who charge 3000 $ and more. Often not even the meals are included, only breakfast.  We can offer you this low price, because we don't have an office abroad or paid staff! Your fees goes directly into the our community based project. The admission fees covers all the internet costs and the time spent to answer all volunteer requests, cancellations and all that is involved to organize volunteering. We are Burmese and Thai people, not Western. We speak good English, but we are not from your culture. If you think you need an all-inclusive Western organized volunteering experience, we might not be right for you.

Yasmin & Flossie speak about their volunteering 2015
Under revision! 
The children will move to another place in June and we are setting up new volunteering possibilities! We offer the following volunteer possibility:

Admission fee: 50 $

School and Boarding House

You stay in a guest house in the town center and go every day your volunteering. Depending on your skills you will work in a Migrant School or help out in the afternoons and after school at a Boarding House. It includes the guesthouse (single room, fan, shared bathroom), One day off a week, if you like. 

Alternatively you can stay with a Karen family and eat 2 meals with them. 

Costs will be re-calculated. Please come back in a few days!

We advise all volunteers to take a cooking class at the borderline cooperative and tea garden in the first week to get used to the Burmese culture. It includes a trip to the market and you can choose, what you would like to cook. Please arrange a few days beforehand through Podar and Dada.

In the application, please specify, if for how many months you want to stay. Minimum is 1 month.  

We cannot pick you up from the airport. You will get comprehensive pre-departure information. You will get an informal introduction on your first weekend. We will be there for you every day. If you have any problem come to us. We know the town and have many years of experience looking after volunteers. 

1. Step Apply
Fill out and send us the application form and read the volunteer code of conduct. Scan and add important qualifications. Be clear and short, add only necessary information.

2. Step  Confirm
We will write back to you asap with a positive or negative answer. You will receive a link for a page with more detailed informations. Sign the Volunteer Contract that is on the page and the Volunteer Code of Conduct . Dates and times can be adjusted and you confirm your arrival by doing step3. 

3. Pay Admission Fee
You pay the (non refundable) admission fee, which reserves you your volunteering place. The admission fee covers all organizational costs and time spent on our side. Use the paypal button on the webpage and notify us by email, that you have paid. Like this we can make sure all is well. We will send you more information material about the project, the travel, visa etc. If you cancel, you will loose this money. If you need to adjust the arrival date or the package, that is still possible, but only once!

4. Pay your first month
Pay for your first month at least 3 weeks before your arrival. Like any flight or hotel you would book. Please inform us again about the payment. This gives the project a more calculable and reliable income. We need to care for the children and that needs more than just food and clothes! All bills need to be paid every month! We will send you now detailed and confidential information about the project as background of the children, their issues and maps and a description how to get to the home.
Please arrive as reserved at the guest house on Friday.

5. The following months
You need to pay for the time you booked! We reserved your place and we count on your help. If for whatever reason, this should not be possible, and you leave, you still need to pay half of the rest fee, that we can pay a local woman to fill in for you. Say, you reserve for 3 months, and need to leave, you pay the first month full, the other 2 months half. 
If you should have any problem, do not brood and sit on it, but address it politely with the family. Tell us and we try to help you. We are happy to  clarify misunderstandings, explain cultural or other things and work on compromises.
Please pay the rest of the volunteering fee on the 30 or 31. of the first month in advance. Dada and Podar are in charge and report to the Non-Profit volunteers and board. 

You can do a 6 or 12 month internship with us. Please use the application form and explain about your internship. You need to bring specific skills! You would assists the Burmese family and also help to look after the volunteers. You will need to pay your own accommodation and food and make your own visa arrangements. We will explain you how. If you are a world traveler and want to spend a few weeks or months with us and bring skills, please apply! We had the best experiences with people, who traveled for 6 or more months. Convince us, that you will be very helpful for us!