Are you right for us

you are the right volunteer for us if ...

  • like new experiences
  • are non-judgmental
  • love Asia and Burmese people
  • like animals: dogs,chicken and cats
  • can use a cold shower in 25-33 degrees centigrade
  • can use a Thai squat toilet
  • like nature
  • like eating Burmese Food
  • like cycling
  • are a little bit adventurous
  • have a positive attitude
  • don't assume bad things, when you don't understand them
you are
  • a mature
  • reliable personality
  • open minded
  • flexible
  • independent
  • a self-starter
  • emotionally stable
  • can work without too much instruction
  • able to ask, if you don't understand, why we do it in a certain way

you don't
  • need to change the world
  • leave a legacy behind in our house
  • need to improve us, but can accept us the way we are
  • happy with small tasks, that have a big impact on the daily workload of us
  • look for the ultimate self exploration
  • try to find out, if you can stand kids 
  • look for the "special experience off the beaten track"
  • want to humble-brag
  • top your friends holiday experience by adding volunteering
  • want to prove yourself
  • want to try out things, you are not trained in
  • expect to be a care-giver for the children, when you only stay a few weeks
  • be given highly responsible tasks, when we don't know you well
  • assume all "orphanages" are dishonest, because there are notorious ones in Cambodia and Nepal  
  • need assistance in everything

You won't be happy with us if ...

  • you expect a Western style household
  • a Western woman to guide you through your volunteering experience 
  • you are scared, when you stay in a Thai-Burmese family
  • need lots of luxury
  • want to relax in our bathroom
  • are used to go out all the time to discos etc
  • are very afraid of spiders, geckos etc, because we live in the middle of nature and our house is open and airy
  • privacy is Asian style! everybody hears everybody
  • our rooms have no ceilings (see pictures), so that they are cool
  • if you can't stand noise from kids
  • insists on butter and jam or milk and cereals or cheese (because we can't afford this)
  • you don't like animals
  • suffer from asthma (have a strong allergy against cats and dogs)
  • hate chicken
  • can't cycle
  • have a mental problem, because this can get worse, when being abroad and our kids can be an intense experience
Our kids are vulnerable and don't deserve to be upset by volunteers. They are not tokens to be used for selfish aims. You should be seriously interested in helping and volunteering. The kids are not there to entertain tourists, even well meaning ones. They worry, if people come and leave after a few nights and ask "what is wrong with us"? We try to screen as best as possible by email, but it doesn't always work out. Please fill out our application form honestly. We need  long-term help, not 1 week visitors and you can get a very rewarding experience from volunteering with us, but it needs to be a good fit.