We are a place, that you love or hate.  

The first days or week can be a challenge. Mae Sot itself is a special place, which can be very spiritual or upsetting. It is not beaches and stereotypes, but Burmese migrant reality.
The founder of the project has started to work as a doctor again and doesn't live in the home anymore. Her sisters-in-law Dada and Podar run the project now on a day to day basis. Dada lives in the house with her husband and Podar comes several times a week for support. You are getting the real Burmese family experience, not watered down and buffered by a white face. Karen people can be very shy and might need a little time to warm up to you. They will also let you try their fishpaste and other not-for-everybody food, if you ask. Podar works in Borderline, you can see her there as well. Sabine does the fundraising and trouble shooting in the background and sees her kids privately.

These are our reviews over the years. Newest ones on top. Nothing is deleted. Of course not everybody has left a review on-line. We have a few written, very personal, accusing letters from volunteers, who didn't like it with us. We don't think it is good to put them on the internet. We also have sometimes very negative and disrupting experiences with volunteers, but don't write them angry letters and try to be polite and respectful. It always goes both ways. 

The volunteer with Sabine was my second volunteer through workaway, but the first which represented a challenge. Since I left their house I kept in contact to them. Sabine does a great job for those kids, and she has shown a big generosity and courage to make real a project none of the ones who visit them would be able to do. She cares for the kids and she has always a new idea to improve the conditions in which the kids live. She also contributes with other causes around. The kids are simply amazing. This is not a volunteer to go and 'chill out' in Thailand (read 'chill out' as drinking beer and enjoying the stereotypical facilities of the country), this a volunteer to understand an aspect of the social situation in the country, to wake up of absurd images of beaches and happy people and be overwhelmed by the other side of this part of the world. This is a volunteer to love kids, to care for them, and to challenge yourself by trying to live as Thai/ Burmese people live. One of the most wonderful experiences. I can't forget of the kids and how much this represented to me, despite of conflicts I went through during my stay.
I truly recommend this volunteer to anyone with honest intentions of contributing with a beautiful project as a kid is. Cheers for Sabine and her great job. I will never forget you.

Sabine is great in being as innovative as possible to improve the kids surroundings and she works tireless to keep improving the the orphanage.shes so dedicated not only to her own project but also with other social causes. You can definitely learn a lot from Conversation - I certainly have. The orphanage is nothing like you would be used to back home and anybody coming here should be aware that you have responsebilties - but also a lot of freedom to be innovative in how you can help.the kids themselves will welcome you with open arms and it's easy to enjoy their company wherever you go.All in all its a great place to volounteer and Im thankful to Sabine for so many things.

I just wanted to thank you on welcoming Vicki and myself into your home with your family. Even though it has only been 8 days. It has been incredible to be a part of it and everyday has been one we won’t forget! The world you have created for your children is beautiful and they are definitely a lucky bunch. We’ll be sharing your project to others on our travels and also when we return home, to continue your networking and to inform people of what you are all about.  Our next Thailand visit will be sure to have a destination of Mae Sot, to the ‘Sabine family’ .We look forward to seeing updates on how everyone is doing on Facebook and we will also upload some pictures and videos we have taken!      Hayley and Vicki

We spent one week in the Sabine's house with all the adorable children. It was a very good experience, totally immersed ourselves in the local culture. We spent really good time with the children. Don't hesitate to help in the daily tasks, like food, putting children to bed, pick up them at school...
We recommend this association to everybody who wishes discovering the birmese and thai culture. Thanks again to Sabine and her great family for these great moments.
Adrien and Yoko

We stayed a week in June 2013 in Sabine’s home and had a great experience. The volunteering is not really structured but there is always things to do if you ask. We helped remove a roof from the bike shed to put over the chicken coop and also decided to make a football goal for the kids out of the old wood and some netting which was appreciated. Apart from that you are kept busy enough running around after the 11 children!
They are all very likeable, confident and energetic children who made quite an impression on us in just a short time and we miss them all very much. Sabine is a great open minded host who is lovely to talk to and will let you borrow bikes to cycle the short distance into town. The other women who reside there, Puda and Malahi, also deserve a special mention for cooking delicious meals and helping out with the day to day running of the home.

What is unique about this experience is the insight you get into the situation in Burma as apart from the children’s heritage, Mae Sot itself is a very ethnically diverse town. It is the only place we found in Thailand that had a temple, mosque and church in the same small town.
Beware that when you first arrive it may seem a little chaotic with ducks, cats, dogs and children running around! However, as long as you can adapt it won’t take long to discover what wonderful work is being done here and what a warm home it is.

I spent a week with this organisation. It is really more like a huge home. The children are amazing. Full of energy and need to be watched most of the time. I was helping with plastering a new pond for the ducks. The lifestyle is very basic so be prepared for that. You also won't get much sleep if your room is up by the volunteer area. Although, the room is good, great big bed with a mossi net and fan. There isn't much pressure to work, so the best thing to do is ask or look around and muck in, there was always plenty of cleaning up after the kids. The food is excellent for the conditions. I was lucky enough to be there when they cooked a rooster and two ducks that were causing mischief. Thanks to Sabine for the opportunity and good luck for the future of the children.

We had a great time at Sabine and her children roots atmosphere very pleasant, comfortable room, good food and lovely children. Sabine is a very attentive and considerate. We hope to repeat the experience soon for longer. Ps: if you do not like chickens and ducks, forget it. Thank you Sabine and Malahi for these good things!